moving an office

Tips For Moving Office  

Whether changing address or set up an entirely new office, the process of moving can be a hassle for many. However, it doesn’t have to be so difficult. Here at SlothMove, we can support taking care of not only all of the address updates that may be required, but also the set-up of services.  

Whether you’re about to embark on an office relocation, or are currently in the process, we have put together some of our top tips to make the transition a little easier:  

Plan Things Out  

Rushing to pack everything up a couple of days before a move is one of the best ways to become frazzled. Preparations should begin as soon as you know moving is in the near future. Hire your movers if needed, designate who will be helping and in what way, and do a little bit of work each day to make it less overwhelming.  

Hire Crates For Computers 

Computers are very expensive to replace should they become damaged during a move. Hiring crates to store and transport your technological equipment can ensure they arrive unscathed in your new office. They also help to easily conceal their contents, which can ease tension about leaving them in a locked space when they’ve been packed.  

Have Staff Pack Their Desks  

Having everyone pitch in, even if in small ways, will be of tremendous help once it comes time to move. Have everyone who has a desk be responsible for packing up their workspace. Closer to the date of the move, have them disconnect their technology and pack it up in a crate.  

Plan Disconnects And Reconnects Of Technology  

Depending on the work your office does, you’ll likely need to wait as long as possible before you disconnect some of your technology. Pack up what isn’t needed beforehand, and plan to have it transported to the new office as soon as you can on the day of the move.  

It’s also important to consider what needs to be reconnected at the new office, and whether or not you have to switch internet or phone providers. Have this all set up before the move so that you’re not losing days trying to get things reconnected after the move.  

Book Your Elevator  

Since you’ll likely be moving some heavy items, you’re going to need access to an elevator when moving out and moving into the new office. Have it booked ahead of time and check the moving rules for each office space beforehand. You don’t want to end up breaking any rules or not being able to transport bulky pieces due to a lack of planning.  

Label Clearly  

Be cognizant of what you’re packing in boxes, and write clear labels on the boxes. This is especially helpful if you have movers helping, so they know how to handle certain boxes and where to place them. The last thing you want is to have to dig through boxes trying to locate a single item because it wasn’t labeled clearly.  

Don’t Forget Address Changes  

Be sure that you’ve prepared any applicable stationery such as business cards and envelopes with the new address ahead of time. Don’t forget to update any social media or your website with the new address, as well as your voicemail. The earlier you have this planned, the less chance you’ll forget to change your address somewhere.  

Final Thoughts  

Having a solid plan in place and giving yourself as much time as possible will help make moving an office space much more seamless of an experience. Having staff help in small ways can make a tremendous difference as well. The right equipment to pack things safely will also ensure as little gets damaged during the move as possible.  

It’s not easy making moving an enjoyable experience, but there are ways to make it much less burdensome with some planning and a little bit of help through the process.