AJ Bell Pension Change of Address

How to update your address with AJ Bell Pension Onlone

aj bell pension change of address

Moving House With AJ Bell Pension

aj bell pension moving home

We’ll cover exactly how to update your pension address with AJ Bell online. If you’re moving home you’ll need to let all of your pension providers know about your address change.

Since the average person has over 4 pension pots we’ll start by exploring how to update your address across all pensions simultaneously. 

Whether you are retired or still working you need to let AJ Bell that you’re moving home

So, with that in mind let’s jump straight into how to update your address with AJ Bell.

This Guide

Update multiple pension providers at the same time

We’ll start with a hassle-free way to update your address with AJ Bell and all of your other pension providers.

So, can you update all pension providers at the same time?

Using our online change of address service, yes. Through SlothMove you can update your address across AJ Bell, other pensions such as National Grid, HMRC, NHS, Council, and hundreds of other providers at the same time.

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving - AJ Bell, HMRC, Electoral Roll etc..

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Our Sloths will take care of your home move, updating your addresses for you.


L Marsh

“I am normally wary about such sure when you can go on line and do yourself. After wasting too much time I decided to try them and they were amazing. Very fast and always on hand . I forgot one item to add but a few days later I asked it to be added and expect a charge but went through a perfect .
The providers were also fast to confirm so it made it even better”

Update your address

Take the hassle and stress out of your move and update your address with hundreds of companies, including AJ Bell

Start by entering your new and previous address. Then, select which services you’d like to update and enter a little information about you. After this, click submit and SlothMove will update your address across your chosen providers.

You can also update your address with AJ Bell by calling them directly on: 0345 54 32 600

How To Update Your Address With Your AJ Bell Pension

How To Update Your Address With Your AJ Bell Pension

As we know, AJ Bell is an award-winning investment platform. It’s a self-directed pension investment service on a mission to make investing simple.

It’s important to update your address with your pension provider(s). You can update your address with AJ Bell by:

  • Go to SlothMove’s change of address service
  • Choose who you’d like to update your address with (AJ Bell Pension, water provider, electoral roll etc…)
  • Select when you’re moving home
  • Click complete and we’ll send a change of address notification for your chosen companies

You can also update your address with AJ Bell by phone (0345 54 32 600 or online account here. 

Can I cash in my AJ Bell pension?

Can I cash in my AJ Bell pension?​

AJ Bell is a private pension investment platform which means you can withdraw from it differently.

In fact, you can withdraw any money from you AJ Bell You Invest pension pot whenever you like. You can do this by logging into the AJ Bell website and click’ withdrawals’.

It takes around 5 days to land into your chosen bank account. It’s important to remember that withdrawing from your pension will have tax/saving implications so it’s worth considering all the options.

You may find it helpful to review AJ Bell’s retirement planner which will show you everything you need to know about expected retirement income and withdrawal options.

How do I transfer my AJ Bell Pension?

Now we’ve covered how to complete a change of address for your AJ Bell pension, let’s look at how you transfer other providers into one place.

Most people reach end up with pensions across multiple providers. It can be easier to transfer all pensions into one place. This helps you to keep track of where everything is, save money on fees and make it simpler to manage.

So, how do you transfer your pension with AJ Bell?

To transfer your pension you need to contact your existing providers. Start by checking the amount and other important account information.

Then, contact all of your other pension providers and ask to transfer your pension to AJ Bell. Before doing so you should check out the implications of transferring your pensions. You can check out pensionbee for free and impartial advice.

AJ Bell Pension Moving house & Beyond

AJ Bell Pension Moving house & Beyond​

We’ve explored how to change your address with AJ Bell & other providers online. Specifically, we’ve covered how to update your address across all of them at the same time. The average person moves home every seven years and pensions are often the last companies we think to update. 

However, updating your pension providers will ensure that you continue to receive important pension updates. If you’re moving home, get started here.

Or, if you’re looking for another pension provider to change your address with, take a look at some of our other change of address articles: 

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