ESA Change of Address

How to complete your ESA change of address

esa change of address

ESA Change of Address

ESA Change of Address

You’re moving home and need to update your address with HMRC and your ESA (Employment & Support Allowance).

As you know, it’s important that you complete an ESA change of address. We’ll help you update your address with your Employment & Support Allowance online within a couple of minutes.

Since you’re moving, we will also cover how you can update your address across other essential institutions and companies (HMRC, Council, NS&I, Energy, Water etc…)

Firstly, we’ll explore a quick, safe and hassle-free way of getting all of those services updated.

Click below to update your address with ESA 👇

Update ESA Online​

Update ESA Online

You can update your address for your Employment Support Allowance (ESA) online using SlothMove’s online change of address service.

Instead of dozens of phone calls and hours of waiting you can use one hassle-busting service and update all of your services (such as DWP, HMRC, NHS, loyalty cards etc…) online at the same time 👍 

Update your address by filling out the form below.

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving - ESA, HMRC, Council etc..

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Our sloths will save you the time and hassle of organising all of the updates by taking care of everything in one place 🦥

We’ll update your address with ESA and any other institutions or companies you selected. Based on the company or institution, this can take up to 4 weeks. However, you won’t need to do anything further, so you can kick-back, relax and spend your time doing something else.

Once you have completed that (or if you simply don’t need to) you can complete an ESA change of address. You can do this in two ways.

Option 1) Call the Job Centre Plus: Simply call the Job Centre and provide details on your change of circumstances/new address. The lines are open Monday-Friday 8AM – 6PM. You can call the Job Centre in the following ways:

By phone: 0800 169 0310

By text phone: 0800 169 0314

NGT text relay: 18001 then 0800 169 0310

In Welsh: 0800 328 1744 

Option 2) Write to the Job CentreYou can write to the hob centre to let them know you need to do an ESA change of address. To know where to post the letter, simply check the address on the letters you get from ESA

Do I need to update my address with ESA?

If you’re wondering if you even need to update your address with ESA, the answer is yes. It’s really important that you keep ESA informed to any changes in your personal circumstances, including your address changes. When moving home you update your address with ESA by updating your address with HMRC, which you can do here.

So, why? Well, you must report any changes to ESA to make sure that you receiving the correct amount of money from your Employment & Support Allowance. According to ESA, your claim may be stopped or reduced if you don’t report a change of address (or circumstances) right away.

If you have been paid too much, you would need to repay. You can learn more about benefit overpayments here.

Beyond an ESA change of address, here is everything that is considered a change in circumstances from ESA’s website:

  • o moving home
  • o if your benefits change (or anyone’s in your household)
  • o If you get sick pay or money from a charity changes
  • o If you change your name
  • o If there is any change to the money you get (such as Student Finance, Grants etc…)
  • o If you start an apprenticeship or other training
  • o If people are moving out of or into the place you live such your a partner or child
  • o If you begin education, work or have changes to your savings, investment, property or pension
  • o If you go into hospital, a care home or sheltered accommodation
  • o If you change your doctor or there is any change to your medical condition (or even disability)
  • o leaving the UK for any amount of time 

Quite a lot in there. The bottom line is to simply keep them in the loop as your circumstances change and as you move home.

When do I need to update my address with ESA?

If you move home you must complete the ESA moving home process – ie, tell them your updated address.

However, when it comes to whether or not changing address affects your benefits, it doesn’t It isn’t classed as a change of circumstances (CoC). Report any changes to the ESA and they will in turn inform you of any changes to your benefits.

It’s important that you update the ESA within a week of your home move.

How do I change address with ESA?

You can change address with ESA by calling the Job Centre (0800 169 0310) or writing to them at the address listed on your ESA documentation. You also need to update your address across other institutions (HMRC, NHS, DVLA, Council, Water etc…) which you can do online with SlothMove’s moving home platform. 

Does moving house effect ESA?

Moving home doesn’t class as a change of circumstances so shouldn’t affect your ESA – you must update them about your address change nonetheless. Moving home may affect other benefits such as the bedroom tax.

How to update your address with Child Benefits

You update your address with Child Benefits (and many other Governmental institutions) by updating HMRC. You can let Child Benefits/HMRC know you’re moving by using SlothMove’s home moving platform. You can also do so on your Government Gateway account.

ESA moving home and beyond

You can complete your ESA change of address easily by picking-up the phone and calling your Job Centre. You must also update your address across your other accounts, such as your Water, Council and personal accounts. SlothMove can help you update your address across all of your accounts online and automatically. However you update your address, be sure to keep people informed. This helps you keeps all of your documentation and means you don’t miss-out on any key information.

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