The Ultimate Royal Mail Redirection Guide [2023]

Everything You Need to Know about Royal Mail’s Redirection Service

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How to Redirect Post UK

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Mail redirection is a huge part of moving home, yet it very rarely gets mentioned and is the cause of many mover’s problems. 

Imagine… you’ve just moved into your new home, you’re just starting to settle in and then you suddenly realise you haven’t had a single item of mail through the letter box. What’s happened? Why hasn’t your mail arrived? You haven’t redirected it that’s why! 

But don’t fret! We’ve put together the ultimate Royal Mail redirection guide. In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about postal redirection when moving home. 

Continue reading if you don’t want to miss out on any important letters – whether it’s your tax rebate, a speeding ticket, a credit card statement, a pension update or just a birthday card from your mum. 

Here’s how to redirect mail and everything that goes along with it. 

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What is Royal Mail Postal Redirection?

mail redirection

Royal Mail redirection pretty much does exactly what it says on the tin – it re-routes any post sent to your old address to your new one.

When Royal Mail receives post for someone who has registered for their mail redirection service, their postal team will redirect the item(s) to their new delivery address, as specified by the customer. 

By using Royal Mail’s redirection service, you won’t miss out on receiving any important mail after moving into your new home and before you’ve had a chance to update your address with services like the DVLA, your utility companies, your bank, your pension provider and more. 

Go ahead and start redirecting your mail today. 

How Does Royal Mail Redirection Work?

So, how does mail redirection work when moving house

Once you register for mail redirection, Royal Mail will do the rest of the work for you. When Royal Mail receives any post addressed to your old home, the postal team will match the “sent to” details with your new information. Then, they will forward your letters to your new address. It’s as simple as that! 

And, don’t worry if you’re jetting off to Australia, America or some other far-flung destination – Royal Mail redirection can be set up for both UK and overseas addresses. 

When is Mail Redirection Useful?

Mail redirection services are useful for anyone who’s moving home. Regardless of whether it’s a temporary change in accommodation, a permanent overseas move, or a holiday that lasts longer than planned, you can redirect your mail and get it sent to your new address. 

If you fall into any of the below categories, you should definitely consider setting up mail redirection

  • You’re moving house 
  • You’re moving abroad 
  • You’re working abroad 
  • You’re on an extended holiday 
  • You’ve relocated for business

How Do I Redirect My Mail to a New Address?

So, now for the all important question – how do you redirect mail? 

Registering for Royal Mail redirection is pretty simple and there are multiple ways you can do so. 

The first way you can set up postal redirection is by visiting your local post office and picking up a ‘Mail Redirection’ form. Fill out this form with all the relevant information, including your previous address and your new address. 

The second way of redirecting your post with Royal Mail is online, on their website. Again, you’ll need to fill out a form and submit it. There is also an option to create an account, just in case you need to extend the mail redirection and want to save time having to fill the form in again. 

Last, but certainly not least, you can redirect your mail with SlothMove, at the same time as updating your address with all your accounts and providers. All you have to do is tell us who you want to notify of your house move and we’ll do the rest for you. 2

We’ll change your address with all your chosen services so that any mail gets sent to your new home rather than your old one.

How Long Does it Take to Redirect Mail?

mail redirection

Royal Mail recommend allowing up to three weeks to get a postal redirection set up, but they can be processed within as little as five working days. 

It’s important that you register for mail redirection in good time to ensure your post gets sent to your new address in time for when you move in. 

You can apply for a Royal Mail redirection up to three months prior to moving, so try to do it with as much notice as possible.

How Long Can You Redirect Mail For?

You can set up Royal Mail redirection for 3, 6 or 12 months at a time. Ultimately, it’s up to you to determine how long you think you’ll need your postal redirection in place for. 

However, it’s important to note that some vital mail might only be sent once each year, such as your annual pension statement. Therefore, it may be worth opting for a 12-month mail redirection to minimise the risk of missing important correspondence. 

Can I Extend Royal Mail Redirection? 

When you reach the 12-month redirection period, you have the option to renew your postal redirection, up to a maximum of 4 years. You won’t be able to renew beyond this length of time. 

Does Royal Mail Redirection Include Parcels?

The Royal Mail redirection service does include parcels, but only if you’re moving within the UK. If you’re redirecting overseas, parcels aren’t included. 

For those who are moving abroad and need parcels sending, they can be redirected to a UK Postbox Courier Point Address.

How Much Does Mail Redirection Cost?

How much you can expect to pay for Royal Mail redirection depends on a number of factors, including the duration, location and who you are. 

Personal Royal Mail Redirection Costs 

If your whole household is moving home, you’ll need to set up independent redirection accounts for each surname, not per property. Royal Mail redirection for personal use will cost: 

Redirection within the UK:

  • 3 months: £33.99
  • 6 months: £46.99
  • 12 months: £66.99

Redirection internationally, within the EU 

  • 3 months: £144.99
  • 6 months: £204.99
  • 12 months: £292.99

Redirection internationally, outside the EU

  • 3 months: £120.99
  • 6 months: £169.99
  • 12 months: £243.99

Business Royal Mail Redirection

Royal Mail also offers a redirection service for businesses that are relocating. Here’s how much it will cost to redirect mail for a business: 

Redirection within the UK

  • 3 months: £204
  • 6 months: £303
  • 12 months: £490

Redirection internationally within the EU

  • 3 months: £285
  • 6 months: £442
  • 12 months: £755

Redirection internationally outside of the EU

  • 3 months: £238
  • 6 months: £369
  • 12 months: £629

Or, you can permanently update your address and redirect your mail with all of your providers for less using SlothMove’s online change of address service.

How Reliable is Royal Mail Redirection?

It’s always a concern that your mail redirection won’t be processed correctly. What if something goes wrong and you lose your mail completely? 

But, you shouldn’t worry – before any postal redirection occurs,  you’ll be sent a confirmation letter that will indicate your redirection start date, the address your mail is being redirected to and the names of the mail receivers. 

This is your opportunity to double-check your details. If correct, you can rest assured that you shouldn’t have any problems – your mail should find you at your new address without any trouble. 

In the rare case that Royal Mail fails to deliver a reliable mail redirection service, they have a dedicated section for you to resolve any issues.

Alternatively, if you’re finding it hard to trust Royal Mail’s redirection service, you can simply update your address with all your senders through SlothMove. This way, rather than relying on Royal Mail to redirect your mail, you can be sent all your post from the service or provider directly. 

How Do I Renew My Mail Redirection?

To renew your postal redirection, you’ll need to have set up a Royal Mail account online. 

  1. Log into your account and select ‘Royal Mail Redirection’. 
  2. Enter your reference number and renewal code 
  3. Check that the details are correct 
  4. Select how long you would like to renew for (3, 6 or 12 months)
  5. Confirm the billing address for the chosen card (the card must be registered at the new or old address)
  6. Enter your card details 
  7. Click ‘Confirm and Pay’

You can also renew your Royal Mail redirection by post or by phone using their automated Renewal system by calling 03457 777888. You should note that you can’t renew your post redirection at a Post Office. 

How Much Does it Cost to Renew Royal Mail Redirection?

Within the UK


How Do I Find My Redirection Reference Number?

If you have to renew your Royal Mail redirection, you’ll require your 9-digit redirection reference number. 

You can find your redirection reference number on the confirmation letter sent to you by Royal Mail.

Can I Cancel Royal Mail Redirection?

Yes, you can cancel your Royal Mail redirection at any time. 

  • – If you cancel your Redirection before it has started, you‘ll receive a full refund.
  • – If you cancel your Redirection within the Cancellation Period and your Redirection has not started, you’ll received a full refund.
  • – If you cancel your Redirection within the Cancellation Period and your Redirection has started, we‘ll refund you the Redirection fee less £10 to cover our costs.
  • – If you cancel your Redirection after the Cancellation Period and your Redirection has started, no refund will be provided.


How Can SlothMove Help with Your Postal Redirection?

mail redirection

Most home-movers assume that the only way to redirect their mail when moving house is using Royal Mail’s redirection service. However, it’s also possible to redirect your mail to your new address using SlothMove’s online change of address service. 

We will notify each of your specified accounts, services or providers of your change of address for you. So, instead of redirecting your post, you can simply update your address across all services in one go so that they can send your mail directly to your new home

Super quick and completely stress-free, you can inform all your providers of your house move in under 5 minutes. Then, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and let SlothMove do the work for you.


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