Octopus Energy Moving Home

Octopus Energy Change of Address 2021

Octopus Energy Moving Home
Octopus energy moving house

When moving home you’ll no doubt have a long to-do list and updating your address with Octopus energy is likely low down on it. So, we’ll cover exactly how to complete the Octopus Energy moving home process as quickly as possible.

We’ll also cover how to transfer your energy provider, provide meter readings and setup with a new provider.

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How to update your address with Octopus Energy

How to update your address with Octopus Energy​

If you are moving home you need to let Octopus Energy know, whether you’d like to take them with you or not. So, you must update Octopus when you’re moving home but fortunately it’s very simple.

You can actually update Octopus and update your address across all other accounts by using SlothMove’s home setup service. You even have the facility to text your meter readings on the day you move out and we’l update Octopus for you.

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup service
  • 2) Select who you’d like to update your address with (Octopus, loyalty cards, council, charities etc..)
  • 3) Setup your home (council, water, energy, broadband etc…)
  • 4) Click submit and SlothMove will update your address with your suppliers automatically

If you only want to update your address with Octopus energy and have access to your account, you will also be able to update update your address there – here’s the login page.

What information do I need to update my address?

What information do I need to update my address?

If you’re using SlothMove you need to provide only your name, previous, address, new address and date of move. You can pass on your meter readings if you have them (or text them to us when you move out, if that’s more convenient).

If you’re using your online Octopus account you will need to provide your name, email address, contact information, move in date and meter readings (as seen below).


Octopus Energy change of address

When do I need to update Octopus?

When do I need to update Octopus?​

Most energy suppliers would like to know you’re moving around 14 days beforehand. With Octopus, they like to have 17 days notice where possible.

Once you update your address, Octopus will produce a final bill (or credit note) and send that to you. This will usually be via email though can occasionally come through the post too. On a related note, it’s always worth sense-checking the cost of your energy bill. We’ve got a comprehensive guide on the average UK energy bill which you may find helpful.

Octopus Energy Contact

You can call Octopus Energy on: 0808 164 1088 (open 9-5 Mon to Thur, 9-4 Fri)

You could also email to their team at: hello@octopus.energy

Finally, you can write to Octopus by addressing your letter to: Octopus Energy, 33 Holborn, London, EC1N 2HT

Octopus Energy Reviews

Octopus energy is not the cheapest supplier on the market by all accounts. With that in mind they managed to win uSwitch Energy Supplier of the year 2020 and have 35,000 ‘Excellent’ reviews on Trustpilot. Octopus seems to do a good job at targeting younger demographics with interesting gimmicks such as ‘spin the wheel for a meter reading’, which gives customers the chance to win cash providing a meter reading.

How to setup energy in your new home

If you’re using SlothMove you will be able to setup your energy up to 14 days before the home move. We’ve made things simple and actually check the industry databases to see who the supplier is meaning you don’t need to answer 20 questions to find a great quote from the market.

You can setup before you move in or after – though usually it’s easier if you do so a week or so before the move in date. You can get started by clicking below.

I have moved into a property supplied by Octopus Energy

If you have moved into a property supplied by Octopus energy the first thing you should consider is if you’d like to switch away or stay. If you’ like to explore your options on the market you can compare energy online and make a switch (our Sloths can help you here)

If you’d like to stay with Octopus you should get in touch and provide them with details such as the meter readings from the day at which you moved into the property.

And that’s everything you need to know about Octopus and moving home – the moving house process is quite simple. You can complete the Octopus change of address through SlothMove or on your online account – which ever is more convenient.

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