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Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Address with NEST Pensions

nest pension change of address

How to Change Your Address with NEST Pensions

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If you’re planning on moving house soon, it’s important that you remember to update your address with your pension providers. 

Forgetting to complete your NEST Pension change of address could lead to you missing crucial information regarding your workplace pension – whether it’s change to pension rules or how much you have in your pension

To make changing your NEST Pension address that bit easier, we’ve put together this helpful guide.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know to change your address with NEST Pensions, including how to contact them directly, how to use SlothMove to update your NEST Pension address and so much more.

Since you’re moving home soon, why not notify all your other providers and services of your change of address too? With SlothMove’s award-winning online change of address service, you can inform all essential institutions like the DVLA, the NHS, the Council, all your utilities and many, many more. In fact, if you want to make sure you don’t forget any, take a look at our handy change of address checklist.  

So, let’s get started with your NEST Pension change of address. Here’s a quick and simple way of notifying NEST Pensions that you’re moving home 😎 

This article covers

Tell everyone that you’re changing address in minutes. 

Informing all of your accounts and providers that you’re changing address can be an overwhelming task. 

Fear Not! 

Long gone are the days of endless phone calls and sitting on hold for what seems like forever. Now, you can use SlothMove’s simple change of address service to change your address with every single necessary service in a matter of minutes! 

It really is that easy! In just a few clicks you can change your address with every single account or service, without missing any! Whether you need to inform your bank, your gym, your energy provider, your water provider or your broadband, we have you covered with our moving home service. 

All you need to do to start notifying your providers, including NEST Pensions, is follow a few simple steps: 

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving Nest Pension, utilities, HMRC etc.

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

updating your address with slothmove



Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Once you’ve completed these steps, SlothMove will do the rest of the hard work for you.

We will save you the hassle of individually contacting each service, instead, allowing you to change your address with all of them at the same time, including your NEST Pension address. 

However, if you only need to change your address with NEST Pensions, you can do so by contacting them directly 🦥 

Nationwide Change of Address

Once you click, submit we’ll change your address with NEST Pensions as well as any other providers you select. 

Now, all that’s left to do is sit back and relax, knowing your NEST change of address is in good hands. 

Now, let’s find out a bit more about NEST Pensions…

How Do I Change My Address on My NEST Pension?


By far the easiest way of changing your NEST Pension address is using SlothMove’s hassle-free change of address service. 

To change your address on your NEST Pension for you, we just need a little more info…

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup platform
  • 2) Enter your details (address, name, when you’re moving) 
  • 3) Choose who you’d like to update (NHS Pension, Tesco, Boots etc..)
  • 4) Click complete and that’s all 😎  SlothMove will update your address across your accounts

Alternatively, if you only plan on updating your address with NEST Pension, but no others, you can do so by getting in touch with the provider manually or by logging into your online account. 

If you’ve already logged in with NEST Pension, you can change your address by editing your registered details through your online account. 

If you haven’t yet logged into your NEST account, you can contact them directly by phone on 0300 020 0090, or email them at

What is a NEST Pension?

The National Employment Savings Trust (NEST) is a pension provider that was established by the government in 2010, following pension reforms and the introduction of the Pensions Act 2008. 

NEST Pension was set up by the government to help deliver its auto-enrolment initiative, to ensure all eligible workers have access to a defined contribution workplace pension scheme. 

Thus, rather than being owned by shareholders, NEST is a public service operation.

How Do I Register for NEST Pensions?

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Only employers can register for a NEST Pensions account. Once they’ve created their online account, they will be able to set up workplace pension funds for all of their employees. 

If you’re an employer looking to create a NEST Pension account, simply follow the following steps: 

  1. Sign up with NEST Pensions by going to the ‘Create your employer account’ page
  2. Provide all the necessary details, such as title, first name and last name, as well as your organisation’s address. 
  3. Create your login details, including a username, a six-digit pin, a password and three security questions
  4. NEST Pensions will then send you a confirmation email within 24 hours, including a link for you to complete your registration

Are NEST Pensions Any Good?

NEST is a popular pension provider for both small- and medium-sized businesses as it is easy to set up and doesn’t require a fee from employers. 

For many, NEST provides a straightforward, government-backed pension solution. It is a reliable pension fund that will guarantee the safety of your money. It is incredibly simple to use and relatively low cost, with an annual management charge of just 1.8%. 

However, it may not be suitable for all savers. There may be better options for those who want more investment options or for those that are close to retirement age.

Why Do I Need to Change My Address with NEST Pensions?

It’s crucial that you remember to complete your NEST Pension change of address when moving house to ensure all relevant information reaches you at the correct location. 

Failing to notify NEST Pensions of your house move could result in confidential information being sent to the wrong person. And, it could result in you missing out on important changes to your pension fund. 

Also, if you need to contact NEST Pensions further down the line (e.g. to collect your pension from an old employer), you may find it difficult to prove your identity without the correct address. This could mean you have trouble accessing your pension when it comes to retirement.


How Can I Take My Money Out of NEST at Retirement?

If you’ve reached retirement age and are ready to start drawing your workplace pension, how do you take your money out of NEST? 

Well, you have a number of options: 

  • – Take some or all of your pension pot as cash 
  • – Use the NEST Guided Retirement Fund
  • – Choose options from other pension providers by buying an annuity or transferring 

However, there are some things you’ll need to consider before deciding to take your money out of NEST Pension. So, it’s very important that you get impartial pension advice before doing so. 

What Happens to NEST Pension When an Employee Leaves?

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No matter what the reason for your change in employment circumstances, NEST will continue to take care of your pension fund after leaving your job

The hard-earned money in your NEST pension pot is yours, regardless of where you go on to work. However, when you leave a job, all contributions to your pension pot will end.

What Happens if I Cancel My NEST Pension?

You can easily opt out of your NEST Pension at any time. However, you should think carefully about cancelling your NEST Pension before doing so. 

Given that NEST pension scheme is a defined contribution pension, it means that you benefit from your employer contributing to your pot. Thus, opting out of NEST would mean that you lose this benefit. 

If you do decide you still want to opt out of NEST Pensions after being auto-enrolled by your employer, you will need to do so within one month of working there. 

Once you have opted out, NEST Pension will close your account and any contributions will be refunded to your employer within 10 working days. The money should then be returned to you in your next pay cycle.

When Should I Complete My NEST Pension Change of Address?

You should try to change your address with NEST Pensions, and all your other accounts, at least 2 weeks prior to your moving day. 

It’s important that you change your NEST Pension address in good time before you move to ensure they have time to update your details on their systems. 

Changing your address with NEST Pensions as soon as possible will minimise the risk of you losing mail and missing crucial information regarding your pension fund.

NEST Pension Change of Address and Beyond…

Changing your NEST Pension address really is that simple! In just a few clicks, you can update your address with NEST Pensions and all your other providers in no time at all. 

Take out the stress and effort of notifying NEST Pension of your house move by using SlothMove’s online change of address service. 

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a different pension provider to change your address with, you can take a look at some of our other pension change of address articles:

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