Penfold Pension Change of Address

Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Address with Penfold Pensions

penfold pension change of address

How to Change Your Address with Penfold Pensions

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When you’re moving house, it’s essential that you remember to notify your pension provider of your change of address

If you have a pension fund with Penfold Pensions, you will need to inform them of your house move. If you fail to complete your Penfold Pension change of address, you could end up missing out on important information regarding your personal pension.

To help you change your address with Penfold Pensions, we have put together this helpful guide. In this article, we’ll outline everything you need to know about changing your Penfold Pension address, including how to contact your provider directly, how to use SlothMove to update your Penfold Pension address and so much more.

Given that you’re moving home soon, why not change your address with all your providers and accounts at the same time? With SlothMove’s award-winning online change of address service, you can notify all the essential institutions and services, including the DVLA, the NHS, HSBC, Santander and many, many more.

The best way to ensure you change your address with all the important people, use our change of address checklist to tick them all off. 

So, let’s not waste any more time! Here’s a super simple way of changing your address with Penfold Pensions when you’re moving house.

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Notifying all your services and providers of your house move can seem like a mammoth task, especially with all the other things you need to do before you move

However, there is no need to worry! Thanks to SlothMove’s hassle-free online change of address service, you can wave goodbye to endless phone calls and hundreds of emails. 

Now, you can update your address with every single one of your providers in under 5 minutes! Whether it’s the NSPCC, the National Trust, Student Loans or Penfold Pensions, we have you covered with our quick and simple online home-moving service. 

All you need to do to start notifying your providers, including Penfold Pensions, is follow a few simple steps: 

Address change


Update your address

Select who needs to know you're moving Penfold, HMRC, Council Tax etc.,,,

changing address online


About you

Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

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Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

Once you’ve finished giving us your details, we’ll get to work with notifying all your accounts of your change of address. This will save you all the effort of individually contacting each one on your own. 

To get started with your online change of address, simply click below 📍

How Do I Change My Address on My Penfold Pension?

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By far the easiest way of changing your Penfold Pension address is using SlothMove’s streamlined change of address service. 

To change your address on your Penfold Pension for you, we just need a little more info…

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup platform
  • 2) Enter your details (address, name, when you’re moving) 
  • 3) Choose who you’d like to update (Paperchase, British Red Cross, Monzo etc..)
  • 4) Click complete and that’s all 😎  SlothMove will update your address across your accounts

Alternatively, if you only plan on changing your address with Penfold Pensions, but no other providers, you can do so by getting in touch with them manually.

The best way to contact Penfold Pensions is to email them at, or log into your online account here

Is Penfold Pension Any Good?

Yes, Penfold Pension is a very popular pension provider for those looking to save for retirement. In fact, 99% of their Trustpilot reviews rate them at ‘Great’, so they must be doing something right! 

There are a number of features that make Penfold Pensions a great option to start saving for your retirement, including bonus money of up to £1,000 on pension transfers.

Can You Withdraw a Penfold Pension?


Once you reach the age of 55, you are free to start withdrawing money from your Penfold pension pot. However, there are a number of options when it comes to withdrawing money from your Penfold pension fund at 55: 

  • You can receive a regular income from your pension (drawdown)
  • Take a lump sum or purchase an annuity

The withdrawal process for Penfold Pensions is completely digital, so there’s no hassle with filling in forms.

Why Do I Need to Change My Address with Penfold Pensions?

As with all other providers, it’s important that you remember to change your Penfold Pensions address so that all relevant information reaches you at your new home. 

If you don’t complete your Penfold Pension change of address, important, potentially confidential information regarding your pension pot could be sent to the wrong place. 

Additionally, when it comes to withdrawing your pension at retirement or if you decide you want to transfer to a different provider, you’ll need to provide them with your correct personal details. If your address doesn’t match the one on their systems, it could cause delays.

Can I Transfer an Old Pension to Penfold?

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Yes, you can transfer old pensions to a Penfold pension scheme. To do so, you will need to provide them with the following information about your old pensions: 

  • Name of the pension provider
  • Your policy/reference number 
  • An estimated value of how much is in that pension pot 

Once you have all the necessary information, you will need to: 

  1. Log into your Penfold online account, and hit “Transfer Your Pension” 
  2. Hit “Add Existing Pension” 
  3. Enter the name of the pension provider and select it from the list
  4. Type in your policy number and the estimated amount in the pension pot
  5. Submit your transfer request 

Before transferring a pension to Penfold, however, you should double-check with your previous provider whether you have any exit fees. 

Also, if you’re moved home and recently changed your address, you’ll need to make sure you update this on your old private pension policy before transferring it to Penfold. 

When Should I Complete My Penfold Pension Change of Address?

It is best to try and complete your Penfold Pension change of address as soon as possible. At the latest, you should inform Penfold of your address change within 2 weeks of moving house. 

This is important to ensure that they have time to update all your personal details on their system before your move date. Otherwise, you may end up losing mail and missing crucial information regarding your pension fund. 

Penfold Pension Change of Address and Beyond…

Completing your Penfold Pension change of address really couldn’t be easier.

In a matter of minutes, you can update your address with Penfold Pension and all your other providers too. 

So, why not take all the stress and hassle out of changing your address when moving with SlothMove? Our award-winning change of address service can help you notify all your providers in under 5 minutes! 

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