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admiral breakdown change of address

Admiral Breakdown Moving House

Admiral Breakdown Change of Address​

Admiral breakdown wants to give you breakdown cover that doesn’t break the bank. And when you are moving home you need to complete an Admiral Breakdown change of address.

It’s important to let your breakdown provider know when you’re moving home. Some policies have clauses which are related to your home address and you may miss out on important communications too.

In this article we’ll cover exactly how to update your address with Admiral, and since you’re moving, update your address across all other accounts (HMRC, AA, RAC, Morrisons etc…) at the same time.

Let’s jump straight in 😎 

How To Update Your Address With Admiral Breakdown

How To Update Your Address With Admiral Breakdown​

You can now update your Admiral address online by using our change of address service. At the same time you can update your address with hundreds of other companies – and it takes less than 3 minutes to do.

Here’s how to complete your Admiral breakdown cover change of address:

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup platform
  • 2) Enter your details (address, name, when you’re moving) 
  • 3) Choose who you’d like to update (Sainsbury’s, State Pension, Boots etc..)
  • 4) Click complete and that’s all 😎  SlothMove will update your address across your accounts

Make your address update simple

SlothMove helps thousands of customers setup their home and change address easily each month. When you move with SlothMove you’re also making an impact as save a patch of South Caribbean rain forest for each move 😊 

Once you click submit we’ll update the address with Admiral breakdown cover as well as any other institutions or companies you selected. If there are any additional steps we’ll let you know by email. Otherwise,  you can kick-back, relax and spend your time doing something else.

If Admiral breakdown cover need any additional information they will reach out to you by email.

If you’d prefer to update your breakdown cover address with Admiral Breakdown directly you can give them a call on 0333 220 2000

How do I change my car details with Admiral Breakdown

How do I change my car details with Admiral Breakdown​

If your car details change you will need to update Admiral. This includes if you get a different car or a new number plate. By changing the car it may change the price of the policy. You can change your car details by calling Admiral on: 0333 220 2000 

Whilst speaking to the agent you will also be able to upgrade your policy and complete any other changes you may need. You can also download Admiral’s app and process changes to your policy there.

So, do you need to update Admiral? Your policy won’t automatically transfer to your new vehicle because the policy is associated with the car. When the car changes you must update or change the policy.

How to Cancel Your Admiral Breakdown Recovery Account

How to Cancel Your Admiral Breakdown Recovery Account​

You can cancel Admiral Breakdown by calling 0333 220 2000 

According to Admiral, the customer chat lines are open:

  • Mon to Fri:  08:00 – 18:00
  • Sat:  09:00 – 17:00
  • Sun:  09:30 – 16:00

How to renew Admiral Breakdown Cover

How to renew Admiral Breakdown Cover​​

Having covered how to complete your Admiral breakdown change of address, let’s turn to how to renew your policy.

You can renew your Admiral breakdown if it is near the end of the policy or has already expired. The price for renewal may be more or less than the previous year. 

You can process your renewal with Admiral breakdown by chatting to an agent online or call 0333 220 2000 . The Admiral customer service team  are open at the following times:

The customer chat lines are open: 

  • Mon to Fri:  08:00 – 18:00
  • Sat:  09:00 – 17:00
  • Sun:  09:30 – 16:00

Is Admiral breakdown Any Good?

Is Admiral breakdown Any Good?​

Founded in 1993 Admiral now has over 14 million customers in the UK across its various insurance and coverage businesses. Admiral is also rated ‘Great’ on Trustpilot with a score of 3.8. 

To understand just how good the Admiral breakdown cover is let’s take a look at what they offer:

Admiral breakdown Moving Home & Beyond

In this article we have covered how to complete your Admiral breakdown change of address online in less than 3 minutes. We’ve also covered how to cancel & renew your policy with Admiral as well as some interesting facts you may not have known.

After completing your breakdown cover change of address, update your address with HMRC & DVLA too. If you’re looking for a different breakdown cover, don’t worry – take a look at our other change of address articles: