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Everything You Need to Know About Changing Your Microchip Details

microchip change of address

How Do I Change My Dog’s Microchip Information?

microchip change address

If you’re a pet owner and planning on moving house soon, then one essential to-do you should add to your checklist is to complete your pet’s microchip change of address. This is important so that you can be contacted and reunited with your beloved pooch if they go missing. 

Since 2016, it has been a legal requirement to have your dog microchipped. So, anyone who has a dog and is moving home must update their dog microchip details to avoid breaking the law and receiving a fine.

To help you complete your dog microchip change of address, we have put together this handy guide. We’ll outline exactly how to change your microchip details, either by contacting your registered database or using SlothMove’s award-winning online change of address service

We’ll answer all your microchip questions, from why you need to change your microchip address and how to update your microchip details to  how much it costs and how to check your details. 

So, why wait any longer? Let’s get started with your microchip change of address. 

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But, there’s no need to fret! SmothMove’s hassle-free moving house platform lets you update your details with all accounts and providers in one go. So, you can wave goodbye to endless phone calls and hours of hold music. 

Now, you can update your microchip details and all your other companies in less than 5 minutes. Whether it’s the Guide Dogs, RSPCA, the NHS, or your gym, we have you covered with our easy change of address service. 

There are just a few simple steps you need to follow to start changing your microchip details online: 

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Enter your previous address, new address and the date you moved home

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Click submit and we'll update your address with accounts automatically

As soon as you’ve provided us with all the essential details, including your previous address, new address and moving date, we’ll get to work notifying all your providers of your change of address.

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How Do I Change My Pet’s Microchip Information?

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Now you know how important changing your microchip details is, you might be wondering “how do I change my dog’s microchip information?”.

Well, don’t worry – we’ll talk you through, step-by-step, how to complete your dog microchip change of address. 

By far the easiest way of updating your microchip details is using SlothMove’s streamlined change of address service. 

To change your microchip address, we just need a little more info…

  • 1) Head over to SlothMove’s home setup platform
  • 2) Enter your details (address, name, when you’re moving) 
  • 3) Choose who you’d like to update (e.g. Barclays, DWP, DVLA, microchip etc..)
  • 4) Click complete and that’s all 😎  SlothMove will update your address across your accounts

Alternatively, if you only plan on changing your microchip address, but no others, you can do so by getting in touch with your microchip company manually: 

  1. First, you need to find your dog’s microchip number.

    This is a long number, often between 10-15 digits, and can sometimes include letters. You should be able to find your microchip number in your pet’s vaccination card or pet passport, as well as any pet insurance documents. If you can’t seem to find it, ask your vet – they should have a record of it.

  2. Next, you will need to find out which database your microchip is stored in.

    It could be Petlog, Identibase, or any other microchip database. If you don’t know which database your microchip is stored in, it should be recorded on the paperwork and certificate given to you when the chip was implanted. If not, you can check by searching on the Check-a-chip website.

  3. Then, you will need to contact your microchip database company to change the address on your microchip.

    To contact your microchip company, you’ll either need to call them or log into your online account. To help you get in touch with your microchip provider and update your dog microchip details, we have provided the contact numbers of each government-approved database: 

Alternatively, you can combine your microchip change of address with all your other services and providers. Using SlothMove’s online change of address service, you can update your dog microchip details and all your other accounts at the same time. 

Whether it’s the National Lottery, Boots, your bank, or your water and energy providers, you can notify them all of your house move in a matter of minutes using our simple moving home platform. 

Why Do I Need to Update Microchip Details?

With so many things to do when moving house, many homeowners forget to change the address on their microchip. But, this is more serious that people think -, not only can this cause issues if your pet goes missing, but it is against the law. 

A dog microchip is only effective if the correct owner and address information is linked to the microchip number in one of the UK government-approved databases. So, if you fail to complete your dog microchip change of address when moving house, it may be more difficult to be reunited with your four-legged friend. 

This is especially important when moving to a new location. Relocating to a new area with a dog means that they will be in unfamiliar surroundings and won’t know their way back home. This significantly increases the risk of your pup wandering off and getting lost. 

Additionally, if your dog is found and the wrong address is registered, you could be landed with a hefty fine.

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How Much Does it Cost to Change Address on a Microchip?

microchip change of address

To complete your dog chip change of address, you might be charged an administration fee by the database company. This is often a similar amount to the cost of microchipping your dog in the first place. 

There are usually a number of options when it comes to paying to change the address on your microchip. Depending on which database your microchip is stored and the type of plan you have, you can either: 

  • Pay a fee each time you amend the account 
  • Pay a one-time fee to upgrade to a paid plan that allows for unlimited changes over your pet’s life

Not all microchip databases allow you to pay each time you amend. Instead, most encourage you to sign up for a paid account when you need to change your dog microchip details, enabling you to make future changes for free. 

For example, upgrading from the free ‘identibase plan’ to ‘identibase plus’ costs £15.95 and allows you to change your microchip details an unlimited number of times. Below, we have outlined the fees for each microchip database: 

Can I Change Microchip Details for Free?

Given that changing your microchip details is a must when moving house with a dog, you might be wondering if it’s possible to do so for free. 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to complete your dog microchip change of address totally for free. However, as mentioned above, you can register for a lifetime microchip plan, where you’ll pay a one-time fee and then get all future changes to your microchip address for free. 

Or, you can use SlothMove’s online change of address service, pay a similar amount and update your details with all other essential companies all in one go. Why only change your microchip details when you could change them all?

How Can I Check My Dog’s Microchip Details?

microchip details

To find out whether your dog has been microchipped, to find the microchip number or to check that your microchip address is correct, you can take them along to your local vet and have them scanned. 

Once you have the microchip number, you can use a chip checker inline to find out which database the chip is registered with.

Does a Microchip Prove Ownership?

No, microchips are not sole legal proof of ownership. Having your name, address and other details on your pet’s microchip record does not automatically make you the owner. 

This is because pets can be microchipped at any stage in their lives – at rescues, from breeders, from shelters or at a vets. So, while microchips with your details on will help build a case for ownership, alone they are not enough.

How Do I Change the Owner of My Dog’s Microchip?

If you are the previous owner of a pet and want to transfer it to a new owner, you will need to sign into your online account and select ‘Transfer Keeper’. Enter the new owner’s email address and a contact number, then click ‘Transfer’.

Microchip Change of Address & Beyond...

So, if you own a dog and are moving home soon, you must remember to change your microchip details. If you don’t you could be putting your pampered pooch in danger and yourself at risk of a fine. 

Changing your microchip details is easy – all you need to do is find out which database your microchip is registered with and contact them directly or use SlothMove’s innovative change of address service.